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Life, Health & Var Annuity Policy


The “Life, Health, and Variable Annuity Florida Study Manual” is required for this completion of this course; Students who purchase the Course Only option without the Florida Study Manual must provide their own copy. The Florida Study Manual will be sent to all other students within 7 days of registration.  Additional charges for shipping may apply to any materials being shipped outside of the Continental United States.

Instructional Units & Segments

There are 30 units of study that correspond with the 30 units in the Florida State Study Manual. To assist in student learning, the course is organized by topics with relevant laws covered as a part of each topic, instead of in numerical unit order. The course must be completed in the order listed online. Each instructional segment must be completed before the review questions can be accessed. Each item that has been accessed will show as “In Progress” or “Completed.” All segments and reviews must be completed before the unit quiz can be accessed. All completed segments and reviews can be accessed as often as needed after completion for review and study.


Students must pass each unit quiz with a score of 70% or higher before gaining access to the next unit of study. Unit quizzes are not timed and can be restarted or taken as often as needed. Students must pass all 30 unit quizzes before access is given to the final exam. Completed unit quizzes can be accessed as often as needed for review and study.

Required Rules Acknowledgement

Prior to taking the final exam, students must complete a “Rules Acknowledgment” agreement that states that they have personally completed all course assignments and quizzes and that they will personally answer all final exam questions on their own, without the assistance of any other person, resources, or course materials. Students are also not permitted to duplicate any part of the course, including unit quizzes and final exams. Violations of these requirements can result in the loss of course credit and administrative sanction by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Final Exam

The only portion of the course that is timed is the end-of-course online examination. Once started, the student will have two hours to complete the 100-question, multiple choice final exam. Passing score is 70%. THE STUDENT MUST COMPLETE THE EXAM IN ONE SESSION. Students will not be allowed to complete the exam in segments.

Students who do not pass the end of course examination can retake the exam as many times as needed to achieve a passing score. Each exam retake will consist of a different selection of exam questions taken from all 30 units of study. To avoid excessive retakes, students who do not pass the exam are highly encouraged to review the course material, state study manual, and unit quizzes prior to retaking the exam.

Reporting to the State

After passing the online end-of-course final exam, Gold Coast will automatically report the student passing score to the state within one week. After the state has received notification, the student can register for the State Licensing Exam.

To register for the state Exam:

Click on “My Profile”
State Bureau of Licensing Phone Number: (850) 413-3136


Once a student purchases this course, no refunds or credits will be given. The student has one (1) year to complete the course and can transfer from online to classroom for an additional charge of $50.

Classroom vs. Online Courses

Students who register for the online course will not be eligible to review classroom based courses. However, students who wish to transfer to the classroom course will be able to do so upon paying a $50 transfer and materials fee plus the difference between the classroom and online course tuition. All transfers must be approved by the school Administrator or Director.

Classroom and online courses are different courses. Time spent in each cannot be transferred or interchanged.

Online instruction provides an excellent opportunity to learn in an environment that is convenient and flexible. However, students must recognize that distance learning requires a great amount of self-motivation and dedication. Some students will find that distance learning is a more difficult method of study as compared to classroom based education since it requires self motivation and focus to complete.

Online Course System Requirements:

High speed internet (non-dialup)

This course is an online course that requires an internet connection for course delivery. We highly recommend a high speed connection. The course will work on a slower connection, but the user may experience pauses or delays, especially with courses that contain video.

Operating Systems:

Personal computers, laptops, or other computer systems that support Adobe Flash:

Adobe Flash: Flash Player 10 or later (

Supported Browsers (with pop-up blockers set to OFF):

* Note: Internet Explorer 7 and later may be used successfully with your online course on many Windows systems, but is not suggested. If you use Internet Explorer and experience any issues running or completing your online course, you should switch to one of the other supported browsers.

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